JFT Safe Deposit Lockers is the UAE & Middle East's 1st Safe Deposit Locker Service Company founded more than a decade ago based on trust & leadership with global management expertise of over 30 years.

The safe deposit locker service provides extremely affordable, unmatched benefits & absolute safety & security for your valuables

Give your valuables & documents a safe home at JFT Safe Deposit Lockers. Jewellery, passports, property ownership & mortgage documents, stocks & bonds, business & labour contracts; confidential letters & papers, birth, marriage & education certificates; some possessions need extra protection.

They need JFT, state-of-the-art depository safe with cutting edge technology, monitored 24x7 by Dubai Police, designed & equipped with means for paramount safety, to secure, protect your valuables and assist you eliminate any regret...

JFT, peace of mind.

For Franchise enquiry call us on 04-2577427 or visit us at Suite 706, Platinum Business Center, Al Nahda, Dubai, UAE

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