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Who should rent a safe deposit locker/box?

A Safe deposit locker most importantly serves as a common place for the entire family in securing all their life long efforts. Besides the safety, security and other benefits of a deposit safe, it is a place which can be reached in any unforeseen event like an untimely death, accident, fire, rain, theft.

Life uncertainties are unknown, natural or personal, even one salvaged piece of paper can have your life efforts secured. Whether on holiday or at home, we exist to safeguard and treasure your achievements against many such uncertainties or threat , which can effect not just your valuables but you and your loved ones

Everyone can benefit from the advantages of owning a safe deposit locker, whether local or expat, an individual, individual family, joint family, or a company. A safe deposit locker is a physical form of insurance for your personal valuables that you can obtain access and control yourself with absolute privacy and peace of mind...

JFT Safe Deposit Lockers - HOME OF EVERY HOME

Why should I rent a safe deposit locker/box?

JFT Safe Deposit Lockers is equipped with the means to secure and protect your items of special value. These may be stolen, damaged or destroyed by an unknown intruder entering your home or business or any unforeseen incident which can have an effect not only your property, business, life but can also effect your loved ones...

The locker at JFT will assist you eliminate any such regret. In the case where you need to replace a passport or other personal documents this usually takes a considerable amount of time to validate details, as well as expense to obtain other reference documents just to obtain a replacement.

The state-of-the-art depository safe facility is specially designed for paramount safety, equipped with world class modern security equipments and system, monitored 24x7 by Dubai police. Every detail is meticulously analyzed and implemented at the lockers facility considering utmost safety, security & service



Our working hours

9am to 1pm & 5pm to 9pm , Saturday to Thursday
On call emergency assistance is available beyond our working hours on 04-2577427.

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Procedures/requirements for registration?

A duly filled and signed registration form with terms and conditions, passport copy with Valid visa page, any one id ( license, work permit, tenancy contract)

In case of a company, Valid trade license copy, passport copy of primary & secondary custodian with valid visa page other documents are optional.


Where do I obtain a copy of your Terms and Conditions?

Visit our office and our service consultants will be more than pleased to assist you
or you can download The Terms & condition here

What can I put in a safe deposit locker/box?

The list below indicates some of the types of items usually stored in safe deposit lockers, by no means it is an exhaustive list. It is advisable that with some original legal documents, you should notify your solicitor or another trusted party of their location. These documents may include wills, power and enduring power of attorney or similar type documents.

Arrangements can be made to nominate a third party on your account - please ask us about how this is achieved when you signup for your safe deposit locker lease.

Who can access my safe deposit locker/box?

Only you and the person or persons authorized by you.

Are there any hidden charges?

Following are the only costs paid by our customer

  • Service fee for the rental period
  • Registration - AED 2000.


In the case of my death what happens to my locker/box?

Upon receipt of a death notification the contents of your locker will be frozen until proper authorization is provided by an authorized person (nominee/custodian) to obtain access to your locker.

Detailed description under JFT Terms and Conditions, You may Visit our office and our service consultants will be more than pleased to assist you.

What happens if I lose my key to the safe deposit locker/box?

AED 2000 will be applicable to provide new replacement key.

How long can I have a safe deposit locker/box?

Locker lease option is available up to 3 years.

What should not be kept in a safe deposit locker/box?

You should not use the safe deposit locker for anything that is dangerous or hazardous
The list below does not intend to define all such items. Details referred in JFT terms and conditions, our service consultants will be pleased to assit you


What is dedicated private viewing room?

Dedicated private viewing room is an additional luxury and comfort our customers enjoy .

For instance, you may utilize the room should you need more time to yourself either for checking your confidential documents or as stop over for a occasion you are to attend and need your occasional jewelery along with the comfort of getting ready

This dedicated private viewing room can be utilized for various such and other reasons depending on your personal need and absolute privacy

At JFT, this additional benefit is just our way of uncompromised service with every little detail that matters you the most...

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