At JFT, every detail is meticulously anlayzed & implemented, followed by highest international standards as custodian of your valuables.

A safe deposit box/locker is a physical form of insurance for your life long efforts. It is a common place you & your family can obtain access, control with absolute privacy , utmost safety, security & many other benefits of a safe vault.

some possessions need extra protection from unforeseen events - Theft, accidents, fire, rain or leakages, rodents & termites. They need JFT. A deposit safe equipped with means to secure, protect your valuables and assist you eliminate any such regret.

Irreplaceable, confidential and valuables are some of the items entrusted with us.
Best level of protection, controlled access at all times is issued to individual customers.

JFT, provides liability insurance with every locker/box, long hours of unlimited service access, dual custody with 3rd party beneficiary option, easy registration process & much more...

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